Domain Name

£5.99 / year

  • User-friendly custom control panel
  • Easy bulk domain management
  • Practical, user-friendly management tools
  • Range of web forwarding options
  • Easy DNS management
  • Free Nominet tag changes
  • Nominet WHOIS opt out


What is a domain name?
what is a domain name?

A domain name is the part of an Internet that identifies it. For example, our domain name

Domain names offer no services like email or a website, they are simply used to direct people to services. When you get your domain names, for example, you set the address of the website to point to Star Labs or the emails to go to Microsoft. It’s a strange procedure until you have done it so we offer support in setting up any domain that is from us.

Hide your contact details

Anyone buying a domain name from any provider must correct contact details which are then added to the public, globally accessible WHOIS database. This information is often used by third parties for spam, scams, and selling on. You can hide your contact detail with our Domain Privacy service.

If you’re buying any .UK domain name (ending .uk,,, and you’re a non-trading individual, you can hide your contact details from public view at no cost from your control panel.

Registering a domain name with another extension? We’ll show secured contact details instead of yours when you add our Domain Privacy service.

Hide your contact details
Feature-rich control panel by Star Labs
Feature-rich control panel

Our custom-made control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your web hosting account. Furthermore, we developed it to make sure of a modern and user-friendly experience.

In addition to the practical features, the control panel comes with useful extras and tools. Also included are 70+ one-click installs of popular software titles such as: WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and more.

A demo of our control panel is available here

Frequently asked questions

When will my domain name be live?

We will register your domain and it will be available within 1 hour. It can take up to 72 hours for this to become visible on the Internet as it globally updates. This applies for all domains regardless of extension or registrar. However, in most cases, it will be live within a few hours.

Do I need to buy web hosting?

No but we do recommend it as both will work seamlessly together from the same control panel. You can find out more about our web hosting plans on our Web Hosting page.

Who owns my domain name?

You and therefore you have full rights and control over it; we never register anything in our name.

How do I renew my domain name?

By default, it will renew automatically. If you prefer not to auto-renew, you can change this from your control panel.


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